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             Since 1954, Samhwa has played a leading role in Korea’s printing industry. Our quality and scale has made us the best and biggest printing company in Korea. We first introduced 4 color printing in Korea and was also one of first to start exporting printed matters to the USA and has continued exporting to Japan, USA, Europe,  Australia, and other countries since the late 1950’s.


             Samhwa handles all printing processes at our 33,000-square-meter plant. We have the most advanced machinery in each department and have over 250 experienced employees who will make your production process go smoothly. This means that our production quality is controlled efficiently, time is saved, and products are rarely damaged because they do not leave our factory premises. Therefore, your Intellectual Property will be safe with us.


1. Clients and Products

(1) Clients 

1) Korea: The Blue House(the official residence of the Korean President), Korean government ministries, the Supreme Court, Korean publishing companies, newspaper companies, financial institutions, private companies, and etc.

2) Overseas: Museums, schools, national parks, private companies, large publishing companies, etc. 


  (2) Products

Textbooks, art books, photo books, brand books, children’s books, activity books, coloring books, calendars, comic books, graphic novels, novels, literary journals, magazines, company catalogs, brochures, cookbooks, address books, notebooks, stickers, card games, poster, etc.


2. Merits in our Production Process

 (1) Prepress

1) Leading the newest prepress technology in Korea. Samhwa was the first printer in Korea to use the color scanner and CTP.

2) Equipped with the most up-to-date equipments (hardware and software)

3) Experienced know-how for digital prepress works. Samhwa has learned many skills from decades of experience.


(2) Printing

1) Equipped with the most modern press machinery

Compared with other printing companies, Samhwa has the newest sheet-fed offset and web offset press machines. To maintain good quality printing, Samhwa regularly replaces old machines to the most up- to-date press machines. 

 2) Quality Controlled

Samhwa has won ISO 9001 certification. For sheet-fed machines, Samhwa’s equipments are based on ISO 12647-2and are being managed by the standards.

3) Backed up by CIP 3

The Press machines for overseas clients' jobs are backed up by CIP-3.

4) Careful press-checks by supervisors with experience

Clients do not have to fly to Korea for press-check. Our experienced press supervisors will be able to press-check carefully and fastidiously.

5) Consistent and stable printing quality

Samhwa's printing quality is consistent and stable. Accordingly, Clients can rely on Samhwa with their important printing jobs.

6) Careful monitoring for machinery quality control          

Our Equipments Maintenance Team monitors our press machines 24/7. With such persistent checking, we are able to keep all our machines in best condition.


(3) Binding

1) Equipped with all kinds of binding machinery

At Samhwa, we offer customers a variety of bindings. For example, perfect binding, saddle stitch binding, hardcover binding, and so on.

2) Well-known binding quality

Clients have expressed their satisfaction for all our binding quality. We are especially best known for our hard cover binding and perfect binding.


3. Others 

(1) Quick paper turn-around time

Samhwa has been long in the printing industry, so we can get paper, ink, and other materials quickly at a good price.


(2) Operators in production departments

Our operators in each production department have worked at Samhwa for many years. Accordingly, they have accumulated much experience in their fields, which makes our quality consistent and stable.


(3) FSC-CoC Certified  

For the first time among Korean printing companies, Samhwa received the  FSC-CoC Certification. 


  (4) Stable price

Unlike many overseas printing companies, Samhwa does not frequently increase prices. That’s why many of our long time clients say that they are able to place an order without worrying about any sudden price increase.


(5) Easy access

Many printing companies have moved out of the city, so it’s hard for clients to visit. However, Samhwa’s office and factory space are both located in Seoul. We are located not so far from the airport and have several nice hotels with reasonable prices nearby.



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Saddle Stitch_ Calendar_ Brochure_ Printing

Saddle Stitch_ Calendar_ Brochure_ Printing

Saddle Stitch_ Calendar_ Brochure_ Printing

Saddle Stitch_ Calendar_ Brochure_ Printing